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I have done this before and we don’t work! We just have a…. spark

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Hey guys, just an update I do plan to do Good Things with this blog but unfortunately uni has gotten a bit crazier for me this trimester but as soon as I’m on break things will kick into gear I promise!

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Watch Eureka Meme
One Otp → Jack & Allison

there is no way, no time, no space that we don’t end up together. you just gotta have some faith


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Watch Eureka Meme 
Favourite Female Character:

Good afternoon! My name is Jo Lupo and I will be saving your ass today.
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Watch Eureka Meme

Greetings, Eureka fans! As part of the #watcheureka campaign trying to spread the love and encourage new viewers, we’re going to be doing a gif meme here. Please feel free to join in and spread the word! Tag your posts with #watcheureka

Watch Eureka Meme!

Favourite episode/s
Best comedic moment/s
Most heart-breaking scene/s
Favourite female character
Memorable quote
Favourite antagonist
Best character dynamics
Favourite male character
Best season

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Greetings, fellow and future Eureka fans, this blog is still currently in its early developmental stages so many pages are yet to be made etc., once I’ve worked out exactly what’s going to be happening with this blog I’ll probably be looking for co-owners so if you’re interested just drop me a message!

Eventually I’ll try to spread the Eureka love by doing campaign-y type stuff or just getting people interested with things like with character introduction gifsets and maybe episode-by-episode sets and caps and graphics, and maybe we’ll eventually start doing an organised rewatch or livestream much like Tumblr used to do with Buffy - so stay tuned!

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So you’ve never watched Eureka (2006-2012)?

What it’s about: Comedic average-guy Jack Carter finds himself sheriff of a town full of wacky geniuses the government fund to work on the next era of scientific achievement. But when the egos and curiosity are just as high as the average IQ, any array of daily catastrophic and funny experiments can go wrong!

Why it’s great: Hilarity definitely ensues when a town of scientists live together and Colin Ferguson is brilliant as the sheriff trying to keep them all in check. Full of interesting and diverse characters with great dynamics and creative stories, Eureka blossoms into both a funny and heart-warming show that all kinds of viewers can love.

Where you can check it out:

More on Eureka

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